Shankha, Chakra and Tilaka of the Nimbarka Sampradaya 

Shri Golok Dham Ashram is the name for the Monastery and Mandir complex founded by His Divine Grace ‘Dharmaratna’ Swami Shri Gopal Sharan Devacharya Ji Maharaj at Vrindavana and recently at the new headquarters at Brijwasan, New Delhi.

Shri Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj founded the Ashram with the view of disseminating the teachings of Vaishnavism throughout the world, with the Ashram serving as the locus for all activities. With the grace of his own Gurudev, Param Gurudev Swami Shri Lalita Sharan Devacharya of the Sri Radha Gopal Mandir, Bihari Ji Ki Bageechi, Vrindavan, and the Grace of Thakur Shri Radha Golokavihari Ji Bhagavan, the Ashram provides for the spiritual needs of all visitors.

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  1. I planning to visit vrindavan and delhi ih Nov 08. I would like to visti your ashramas. how do i contact you

  2. my friend want to take gurudiksha and want to learn bhagwat mahapuran. Whathe should do?

  3. Shree Radhe Radhe
    I am very fortunate to visit the site . I want to know about how can i be blessed with the divine soul of Shriji Maharaj by becoming his disciple .Please guide

  4. jai shri krishna
    this is ravi,.,. i want to know , read and study the nimbark granth .,., all activities.,.,so that i can say proudly i am ravi NIMBARK

  5. jai shri radhe
    guru dev ji ko mera prnaam

  6. jai srimannarayana. i wish to know more about it. can i have hyderabad contacts and the coming programmes and contact nos address

  7. pl

  8. Radhe Radhe
    i want have a picture of Sri Gur Mharaj
    Nimbark Acharya SRI JI MHARAJ please

  9. Radhe Radhe
    i want have a picture of Sri Gur Mharaj
    Nimbark Acharya SRI JI MHARAJ please

  10. radhe radhe

    aap ki kripa se this side is the best in world

  11. Ravi brother
    please go to vrindavan

    But withot Gurukripa it is not possibale


  13. guruji,

    Jaishree Krishna.

    Guruji ko mera sat sat vandan

  14. guruji

    aap ka ashiwad chahiye.

    Radhe Radhe Guruji

  15. Dear Guru jee,

    Jay Jay Shri Radhe Shyaam!

    My name is Vijay Pathak and I lived in Pune NIBM. I would like to know that, When is your next visit at NIBM RADHE PURANA BIHARINE MANDIR. We all Pathak family like to have your darshan.

    Kindly send me the information.

    In the service of Lords RadheKrishna
    Vijay Pathak

  16. jay sri radhey.

    feel very happy while i get my sampraday on internet, thanks. we should do such type of “karya” for ” to keep our sampraday for long time”

    i want your darshan and more knowledge.

  17. we want to do GOKATHA at HYderabad , it is possible ….?????


  18. I would like to visit golokdham New Delhi ashram and stay for couple of weeks. Kindly let me know the procedure.

  19. radhe radhe,

  20. jay sri radhe,

  21. Hare Krishna!

    Please Accept My Humble Obesiances

    By the Grace of Krishna, Krishna’s Message is being spread throughout Kali Yuga. I am a Gaudiya but I beleive that Gaudiya’s and Nimbaraka’s are both preaching the same Message: Love of Krishna

    Hare Krishna!

  22. 23rd July i want to visit Ashram and want to stay 3days ,
    it is possible.

    Jai Sita Ram

    prakash chandra Dwivedi
    Ramanad Vatika Bhupatwala Haridwar

  23. i would like to know are there any branch is mumbai kindly post the address if there is.

  24. if i have to deposit a sum of money for your trust how can i do that please send me your confirm address and ohine number

  25. Pujjya swAmi Ji namaskar please give your e mail address where I can write to you thank you best wishes fir jaanamashti luv Rita

  26. happy to see this site……
    radhe radhe

  27. Yesterday,the 21st Nov,2010(sunday) I got an opportunity to hear discourse on Nimbark Jayanti through Aashtha Channel and delighted to see concluding portion .
    I would like to have comlete set of Pravchan & discourse during the week on the auspicios occasion of Nimbark Jayanti,
    Therefore, kindly inform whether the discource and other events are available in CD and procedure for getting the same, pl guide.
    Thanking and kind regards,
    Mrigendra Thakur,

  28. Kindly arrange to inform me whether all events , Pravachan & discourse observed during week long Nimbark Jayanti including concluding portion of dt 21.11.2010 is available in CD .

  29. December 3, 2010

    Shri Golok Dham Ashram

    Dear Friend,

    Greetings to you!

    I have recently started a new ministry, which I think will interest you. I am having my best current sermons translated into Urdu and sent out by email to Pakistan and India, and I also post them on my website ( under OTHER WRITINGS. I am very interested in asceticism and contemplation as a way of life that I have long tried to live, and I believe in learning about it from many sources, including Hindu Sadhus and ashrams.

    I am a Catholic priest, 65 years old, 38 years ordained, a member of Maryknoll, and currently living a contemplative monastic life in Ossining, New York, USA. I earned a doctorate (ThD) in New Testament from Harvard University in 1979, taught New Testament in major seminaries, did twelve years of missionary work in Tanzania and Kenya, and spent nearly fourteen years living in various contemplative monasteries (Carthusian and Trappist), four years of which I was sent to serve as the chaplain to a monastery of Trappistine sisters in Venezuela.

    Sincerely yours,

    Fr. Steven Scherrer, MM, ThD
    Saint Teresa’s Residence
    Maryknoll, New York 10545-0321

  30. Our pranams to venerable pujiya Swamiji.
    We, my wife and I would like to visit the ashram, have dharshan and blessings of pujiya Swamiji. We also would like to stay for 7 days and attend talks on Bhagabad Gita , Bhagavad Purana. Wew are students of Pujiya Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswatiji of Arshavidya Gurukulam. We reside in Malaysia and arer continuing our studies under Sri Swami Jitatmanandaji ( a Swami initiated by Pujiya Swami Dayanandaji ). We plan to come to Delhi in late January 2011.

    Thank you sir . Pranams.

  31. radhey radhey

  32. Please send me all your mailings, news and all that at you is

  33. मुझे अपने सभी मेल, समाचार भेजें, और सब है कि आप हो

  34. i am planning to visit delhi in feb, march. how do i contact you and visit you. thanks

  35. jai shri radhe

  36. i want to know about the scriptures of nimbark sampradaya

  37. I from Russia, very much want to visit your ashram and to receive blessing Guruji. As it to make correctly. Thanks.
    Hare Krishna!

  38. jay sri radhey.

    feel very happy while i get my sampraday on internet, thanks. we should do such type of “karya” for ” to keep our sampraday for long time”

    i want your darshan and more knowledge.

  39. jai jai shree radhey

    I’m glad to see you all over here .i would be glad if we discuss something or anything about nimbarka sampraday or bhagwan yugal .my mail id

  40. Radhe Radhe Jai guru Dev

  41. Please help me. I am looking for the poem starting with ” Hey Nimbarka daya nidhe etc.” I donot know the rest. Please help me with this poem. Thanks

  42. i am naresh from hyd i want to know price of room or locker & how many km from new delhi raily station safdargunj

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