5th Patotsava at Shri Golok Dham Ashram, New Delhi 18th-28th February 2009

From the 18th February 2009 until the 25th February 2009, Shri Golok Dham Ashram was the venue for a 7 day Shrimad Bhagavata Katha Saptaah delivered by Shri Maluka Pithadhishwara Swami Shri Rajendra Das Ji Maharaj (Shri Maluka Pith, Vamshivata,Vrindavan).

Every day, hundreds of devotees offered their rapt attention to the most wonderful Katha delivered by Swami Shri Rajendra Das Ji Maharaj. Whereas we have all heard Shrimad Bhagavatam from various Kathaa-Vachakas, and indeed we have read the Purana ourselves, there is a world of difference to be experienced when we listen to the Katha from the lotus mouth of a Highly Scholarly Devoted Tapasvi Sannyasi Vaishnava Sadhu, who together with his rigorous Sadhana, strict adherance to Vaishnava regulations, daily study of scripture also manages to spread the name of the Lord through such wonderful lectures, and also supports the protection of more than 5000 cows that were headed for slaughter.

All in attendance were in awe at the wonderful presentation of our Lord’s glories. Shri Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj has deep respect for Shri Rajendra Das Ji Maharaj, and thus invited him to preside over the 7 days session that led up to the 5th anniversary festivals.

on the 26th February 2o09, the 5th anniversary celebrating Thakur Shri Shri Radha Golokavihari Ashta Sakhi Sahita descending into Shri Golok Dham Ashram in New Delhi all the way back on Phulera Dooj day in 2004 began. In the morning after Shringar Aarati, devotees participated in a Ratha Yatra around the Ashram grounds, Gau Puja and ecstatic keertans which was followed by Maha Abhisheka, 108 Tulasi, Rose and Lotus flower offerings and Raj Bhog Aarati in the Mandir. In the evening, the ‘Pragya Chakshu’ Dance troupe from Bangalore (a group of blind expert Bharat Natyam Performers) performed for Thakur Ji. Shri Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj saw their wonderful performance in Newcastle’s Shri Lakshmi Narayan Mahayagya the year before, and being impressed at their perseverance even though marred by a sever physical handicap, invited them to perform for the Lord on the Anniversary day.

The next day, 27th February 2009, saw Shri Gopala Yagya in the Morning, followed by the Vishaal Bhandara or Grand Feast in which more than 15,000 devotees from villiages around the Ashram came and partook of Prasadam of Bhagavan Ji.

On the 28th, devotees and Shri Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj left to take the Yagyanta Snaana in the Ganga at Haridwar.

All in all, devotees had one of the most wonderful experiences at this year’s Patotsavam.

Shri Shri Radha Golokavihari Bhagavan Ji Ki Jay!
Shri Nimbarka Bhagavan Ki JAY!
Shri Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj Ki JAY!!!

The Visually Challenged Performers show their wonderful Bharata Natyam talents to the Lord and devotees

Thakur Shri Shri Radha Golokavihari Bhagavan Ji’s Utthapana Darshana on the Anniversary day

A short clip of Swami Shri Rajendra Das Ji Maharaj singing the Gopi Gitam during the Shrimad Bhagavata Katha’s last day.


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