Gaushala Nagar, Vrindavan

Shri Golok Dham Ashram at Vrindavana is the original Ashram completed in 1992 by Shri Sadgurudeva Ji Maharajas inspiration. The opening ceremony was conducted by Vedic Brahmanas from Varanasi and blessed by Swami Shri Lalita Sharana Devacharya Ji Maharaj – Parama Guruji Maharaj.

Dada guru and guru

Parama Gurudeva Ji Maharaja with Sri Sadgurudeva Ji Maharaja in Vrindavana at Sri Radha Gopala Mandir, Bihari Ji Ki Bageechi. 

  • Mandir Shri Shri Radha Golokavihari Ji Maharaj

 vrindavan thakurji

The most delightful forms of the Lord, Sri Sri Radha Golokavihari Ji Maharaja are enthroned in a humble Mandir and are served daily with devotion. Shri Sadgurudeva Ji Maharaja’s devotion can be seen manifest in the Lord’s accepting smile. Shri Shri Radha Golokavihari Bhagavan accepts the sincere pleas of the most fallen souls. Sri Radhagolokvihari Bhagavan Ki Jay!

  • Shivalaya – Shri Sharaneshvara Mahadeva

Shivalaya vrindavan

Shri Sharaneshvara Mahadeva with Shri Ganesh Ji, Shri Parvati Mata, Shri Kartikeya Ji and Shri Nandi Ji.

The worship of the Highest Vaisnava, Bhagavan Shri Gopeshvara Mahadeva Shiva Shankara is unavoidable for Vaisnavas. Indeed the Lord himself stated – ”Shiva Drohi Mama Bhagata Kahaavaa, So Nara Sapanehu Mohi Na Paavaa” (Ramacharitamanasa) – If a person claims to be my devotee yet is unfavourable to Lord Shiva – that person will never attain me, not even in his wildest dreams. It is thanks to Lord Shiva that us Vaisnavas know the details of the Lord’s worship and pastimes. It is by his grace that us lowly souls of Kali Yuga can be elevated to the status of Devotee Vaisnavas – thus are the teachings of our Sampradaya, reiterated time and time again by Sadgurudeva Ji Maharaja.

  •  Shri Amaranidhi Hanuman Ji’s Mandir

Amaranidhi Hanuman Ji, Vrindavan

(Shri Amaranidhi Hanuman Ji at Shri Golok Dham Ashram, Vrindavana)

Shri Amaranidhi Hanuman Ji Maharaja is the partial incarnation of the Highest Vaisnava, Lord Shiva. Whereas Lord Shiva represents the highest devotee in Madhurya Bhava (the most exalted sweetness of devotion), Shri Hanuman Ji epitomises the qualities of Daasya Bhava, the feeling of devotion through servitude of the Lord. He recieves the Prasadam of Shri Radha Krsna first and foremost due to his loyal service which he renders constantly – whether in protecting the chariot of Arjuna and Shri Krsna in the Mahabharata War, or in protecting Vrndavana from the morauding islamic terrorists who sacked Vrindavana and Mathura in the middle ages.

  •  Brahmachari Ashram, Sant Kutir and Bhakta Nivasa

Mahatma Ji

(Shri Shyam Sharana Baba Ji, lovingly known as ‘Mahatma Ji’)

Shri Golok Dham Ashram in Vrindavan houses, feeds and educates around 20 Brahmacharis. There is also facilities for visiting devotees in the Bhakta Nivasa rooms, and there is Shri Sadgurudeva Ji Maharaja’s own residence. All of the provisioning for the Ashram is overseen by the Kothari Ji, Shri Shyam Sharan Ji. There is also a Gaushala in which 6 cows and their calfs are tended to, which provide all the dairy needs for the Ashram. The Ashram is also a very green area, with Bilva trees, Neem trees, Tamala trees, Tulasi gardens, Rose gardens, Jasmine, Ashoka trees and Kadamba trees. It really does remind one of being in the original Shridham Vrindavana.

-:-Shri Yugala Maha Mantra-:-

राधे कृष्ण राधे कृष्ण, कृष्ण कृष्ण राधे राधे ।

राधे श्याम राधे श्याम, श्याम श्याम राधे राधे ।।

Radhe Krsna Radhe Krsna, Krsna Krsna Radhe Radhe.

Radhe Shyam Radhe Shyam, Shyam Shyam Radhe Radhe..



  2. how can i serve the mother cow

  3. Radhay-Radhay g.dhanyawad sari details ka Radhay Krishna .

  4. Hi,
    My father is guru bhai of gopal ji and shishupal ji (Mahant ji of gopal mandir in bihari ji ki bagichi). Please let me know if there is any contact number for gopal ji or gopal mandir. My father’s name is Bal Krishna Tiwari, he is serving in army as a religious teacher.

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