5104th Birth Anniversary of Shri Nimbarka Bhagavan

Today, Kartik Shukla Purnima is the 5104th anniversary of the incarnation of Shri Nimbarkacharya Bhagavan on the earth.

This is also the last day of Shri Tulsi Mata-Shaligram Bhagavan Vivaha – the wedding of Tulasi Mata to Shaligram Bhagavan.

We wish the best of Paraa Bhakti to all the aspiring Vaisnavas and we seek the blessings of the Siddha Vaisnavas on this holy day. May we all, remembering the great teachings of the Lord and the method to attain him expounded by the Acharyas, progress to eternal bliss with the Lord.

Bhagavan Nimbarkacharya incarnated in Vaidurya Pattanam in Maharashtra as the young ‘Niyamananda’ and was a Tailanga Brahmana. He mastered all the spiritual sciences by his 12th year and left with his parents for Vrindavan. It was here, performing tapasya in Nimba Grama, right in between Govardhana and Barsana, that he was visited by Brahma Ji, who recognised him as the incarnation of the Sudarshan Chakra and bestowed upon him the name Nimbarka.

He performed severe austerities and survived by drinking only a mouthful of bitter neem juice once a day. Seeing his determination, Shri Narada Muni blessed him and initiated him into the Hamsa Sampradaya of Vaisnava Dharma. Narada Muni mentions Nimbarkacharya Ji in his Narada Bhakti Sutra as one of the great Acharyas of devotion. Nimbarka Bhagavan, on the direction of Narada Muni, composed his treatises on the Upanishads, Geeta and the Brahma Sutras and daily pracised his recitation of Gopal Mantra and worship of Shri Sarveshwar Bhagavan which resulted in the Supreme Vision of Shri Shri Radha Madhava. When the Lord revealed themselves, they reminded him of his eternal position as a Nitya-Mukta Vaisnava, who was the combined partial incarnation of the Lord – Shri Radha Rani’s expansion as Rangadevi and Bhagavan’s expansion as Aniruddha Bhagavan came together in this form of Nimbarka.

We worship him today specially with special Krishna-Prasada, and we take his blessings – may we continue to follow the path of the Vaisnavas.

An appropriate Pada –

Mangala Murati Niyamananda.
Mangala Yugala Kishora Hamsa Vapu, Shri Sanakadika Aananda Kanda.
Mangala Shri Lalitadi Sakhi Jana, Hamsa Vamsa Santana Ke Vrinda.
Mangala Shri Vrindavana Yamunaa, Tata Vamsivata Nikata Ananda.
Mangala Naam Japata Jay Shribhatta, Katata Aneka Janama Ke Phanda.

Radhe Krishna Radhe Krishna, Krishna Krishna Radhe Radhe.
Radhe Shyaam Radhe Shyaam, Shyaam Shyaam Radhe Radhe!!

Auspicious is the divine form of Lord Niyamananda! (two meanings – one is Lord Shri Radha Krishna, who is the bliss or Ananda that arises from following the Vaisnava Niyams or regulations. Auspicious is the Divine Couple who incarnated in the form of Shri Hamsa Bhagavan (see Shrimad Bhagavatam Canto 11), auspicious are the four Kumaras, the abode of bliss. Auspicious are Shri Lalita Ju and the rest of the Sakhis, Manjaris etc who incarnated in the form of the Acharyas in the Guru Parampara of the Hamsa Sampradaya – (disciplic tradition of Shri Nimbarka). Auspicious is the Holy Dham of Shri Vrindavana, auspicious is the holy river Shri Yamuna Mata whose Vamshivata Banks are near to the residence of the parents of the Lord in his earthly pastimes. Most Auspicious is the Holy Name, which Shribhatta (Swami Shri Shribhatta Devacharya, the 15th Century leader of our Sampradaya) chants relentlessly, as it cuts away the noose of endless births.



Shri Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj installed a beautiful deity of Shri Bala Krishna Bhagavan in the Gandhi Hall Mandir, Manchester on the 5th October 2008. Click the link on the right for pics and more info.

Please click on the link under ‘Shri Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj’ in the right hand column for more on this wonderful event (or click this permalink)

Video clips of Anup Jalota’s bhajans from the Lakshmi Narayan Yagya in Newcastle (Sept 2008) have also been added – see the Newcastle link or click here.

Radhe Krishna Radhe Krishna Krishna Krishna Radhe Radhe,
Radhe Shyam Radhe Shyam Shyam Shyam Radhe Radhe.


  1. Namaskar. I am an assistant editor for Hinduism Today and we are looking for a high-resolution art of Sri Nimbarka Bhagavan. We can also scan it, if you only have a printed version. It will illustrate our article about Sri Gopal Sharan Swami Maharaj, which will appear on the October issue of the magazine.

    Could you contact me? Thank you!


  2. i m doing b.pharm at loni ,ahemadnagar ,maharashtra.i really want to know about nimbarkacharya bhagwan:s birth place mungi paithan,it is also my mom:s birth place.i want to see images of nimbark temple at rajastan.-RADHE SHAM !

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