This section is dedicated to His Divine Grace, Sadgurudev ‘Dharmaratna’ Swami Shri Gopal Sharan Devacharya Ji Maharaj, the founder Acharya of Shri Golok Dham Ashram, Vrindavan (1992) and New Delhi (2004).

Shri Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj was initiated into Sannyasa at an early age by His own most revered Gurudeva, our Parama Gurudeva Swami Shri Lalita Sharan Devacharya Ji Maharaj, the former Mahant of Shri Bihari Ji Ki Bageechi in Vrindavan, India. He entered into the nitya lila at the age of 103 years in 2006.

Shri Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj is the humble saint responsible for more than half of the UK’s Hindu mandirs – yet he finds his bliss in helping Hindu communities, helping Brahmanas, Vaisnavas and other Sannyasins to further the cause of Vaisnava and Sanatana Vaidik Dharma.

I hope to post as many of his divine activities as I can on these pages.


  1. My respectful reverences at the lotus feet of all the vaisnavas

  2. I was blessed to obtain the Darshan of Swamiji for three days morning and evening for the opening of the new Lakshmi Mandir in Mississiauga , Ontario , Canada.
    Jai Radhye Krysna

    • Hi Mr.Madhan,

      This is kalpesh nimbark from India, want to tell you radhye radhye….

  3. JAI JAI SHRI RADHEY SHYAM –I wanna a black & White (Like out line on Black Colour) Shri Nimbark Tilak Swarup Pls Send Me This On my E-mail ID.Thank

  4. i want to know myself.,.,. please help me out to define ravi nimbark.,.,,

  5. श्री सदगुरुदेव जी महराज को मेरा सद सद प्रणाम

  6. Please Send Shri Golok Dham Ashram Address

  7. jai shree radhe.
    I am very happy today because i reached at this site.
    shankar singh

  8. need the address of our tamples and list of books

  9. Hi Ravi Nimbark,

    These is kalpesh nimbark from bhavnagar india, you can contact me on or call me on + 91 9825205120.

    radhye radhye.
    kalpesh nimbark

  10. Please accept our humble obeisances.
    why here are different mantras in different sampradaya even though they start & end to LORD KRISHNA what are they? May I come to know the mantras recited by 4 different sampradays?

    Dandvat pranam

  11. dandavat un to ur lotus feet,& all vaisnavs ,i m a boy 22 ,at least i know krishn ais param esvar i should follow the path of the bhakti,but as i saw due to lake of the money vaisnav sampraday r not in acceleration to donate for the preaching presently i have to wershiping demigod,to get special sidhhi(by which i can start rain of money where i want)i love krishna but not following rules ,i want to fecilitate to all vaisnav sampraday through immense of money ,m i right or wrong,

    • Ajnana thimirandasya jnana ajnana shalakaya ………….. ,the almighty Hari does not need money he needs you,me & everybody just start studying,preaching & meditating on him he will show the way.HARI OM

  12. i want to know about shreeji maharaj of rajasthan

  13. need the address of our temples and list of books

  14. I need spritual initiation please give me the opportunity. Iam willing to learn Nimbarkarcharya sampardaya and also introduce Malaysian people to this sampardaya. Currently I am teachingYoga and I have about 30 students. Iam seeking for the past 12 years and I am happy to find this web page. Please Sad GuruDev Ji Maharaj kindly reply my humble request since I am planning to come soon.RadheKrishna.

  15. Brilliant post and a pleasant guidebook straightforward to go through for positive. please share far more of those high quality.

  16. jai shri krishna,

    pujya gurudev ke charno main sadar pranam.

  17. what is the position of upasna in nimbarka sampradaya. in what mood they want to serve shri yugala sarkar, is their mood parakiya or svakiya

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