16th-20th April 2008:- Shri Prabhu Prana Pratishtha Mahotsava

By the grace of the Lord and the divine guidance of Shri Sadgurudeva Ji Maharaj, the devotees of Bradford, U.K. worked very hard in preparing their Mandir for the arrival of the Lord. In 2007, Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, together with HRH Prince Phillip, inaugurated the prayer hall and community centre of the Bradford Hindu Temple.

Bradford, the Queen and Shri Sadgurudev Ji maharaj

Bradford, the Queen and Shri Sadgurudev Ji maharaj

Shri Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj with HRM the Queen, HRH Prince Phillip, and the Chairman of the Bradford Hindu Cultural Society Aksharpal Dharani Ji.

This year, from the 16th to the 20th of April, 2008, the grand Consecration Ceremony was held and celebrated as the Prabhu Pran Pratishtha Mahotsava.

The first day consisted of Jala Yatra to the river in the Yorkshire Dales beside the famous Bolton Abbey to collect water and cleanse the deities before the commencement of the celebrations proper.

On the 17th morning, the Pujas started with invocation of the deities of the Mandalas, installation of Kalashes, and beginning of the first of the Adhivasas (immersions). The deities were immersed in water, grains, ghee, panchamrita, fruit and flowers before being requested to sleep in preparation for Prana Pratishtha (invocation of the life-forces of the Lord into the deities). The festivities also included many lectures, bhajans and Keertanas; with Aarti and bountiful Prasadam.

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  1. I was privileged to be present at the consecration ceremony in Bradford on the final Sunday and on the Thursday evening. Seeing these pictures reminded me of what a special event this was.

    Thanks to Shri Sadgurudeva Ji Maharaj for his hard work in helping the people of Bradford in this. Also thanks to the blogger for putting this page together!

  2. […] is a nice entry detailing the inaugeration of the mandir on the blog of Shri Sadgurudeva Ji Maharaj, which has many […]

  3. Very nice pics

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