June 15th 2009:- Shri Prakash Gossai Passes Away

Hindus have been settling worldwide for a long time (since before Christ!), yet in the 1800‘s the British took many Indians as Indentured Labourers to the islands of Fiji, Mauritius, and the Caribbean. Guyana saw the influx of Indian labourers from 1835 onwards and over 200,000 Indians were transported over. Later on a few Brahmin families were also braught accross because of the language barrier that the British had with their indentured labourers. They acted as interpreters and through their brilliance also managed to secure land from the British, upon which they called their Indian fellows to work and live on – in conditions hundreds of times better than what the British had given them.

These great Brahmin families are unfortunately now few in number, and practising Brahmanas are indeed a rarity. In the UK, Shri Bankim Gossai MBE is a famous and worthy Hindu descended from the Gossai’s of Guyana. He establised the Shri Mahalakshmi Vidya Bhavan (www.mahalakshmi.net) in South London, and has recieved numerous accolades and indeed Shri Sadgurudev Ji’s blessings for the tireless work he does to keep the flame of Hindu Dharma burning in the hearts of all descendants of India.

We were indeed very saddened by the news that his beloved brother and founder of Shri Bhuvaneshwar Mandir, New York, Shri Prakash Gossai, who worked tirelessly in North America & the Caribbean to reignite the love for Hindu Dharma amongst the diaspora, had passed away on the 15th June 2009 at the very young age of 56. He was advisor to the Office of the President of Guyana on Religious and Cultural Affairs. He had taken this position specifically to address the social issues facing the young Hindus of Guyana, and also to improve the quality of life for all in Guyana from a spiritual point of view. Shri Sadgurudev Ji lauds praise on this grandson of Bhaarat Mata, and son of Guyana, who made such a difference in thousands of people’s lives through teaching the Raamacharitmanas, the Bhajans and Keertans he used to sing, and the message of Vedic Philosophy of eternal happiness he gave when he delivered his discourses.

May Thakur Shri Shri Radha Golokavihari Ji Bhagavan give him an eternal place at Their Lotus Feet.

Shri Prakash Gossai delivering a lecture on the Shri Ramacharitamanas
Shri Prakash Gossai delivering a lecture on the Shri Ramacharitamanas


  1. Our beloved and late Guruji Prakash Gossai had a unique way of infusing love into everyone life who happened to crossed his path.He had the greatest influence over people of any denomination.
    Gji Prak has a friendly personality which attracts people from wide and far.he connects with children and adults on the purest and most fundamental level.Gji Prak had tolerance , kind hearted, warm and loving.he was exceptionally brillant and never descriminate, but try to bring all together.It was a privilege to have a incredible person like him as our guidance, teacher and leader.he had a remarkable indivdual gift which he never discover, because he never knew what an impact he made on other life with his inspirational teaching.I always admire his committments to the cause and religion.He was really a great person so praises or blame never disturb him.Patience and perserverance are qualities that embraced him.Communicating with him usually brought so much hope , joy and good feelings.Gji Prak was a prisitine perfectionist with a thirst for more knowledge and excellent intution.
    Humility and plesant words were the jewels that adorned him……..we really missed him……..we pray that he have a resting place in god’s abode.
    This is from Devi and family of Toronto and Guyana.


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