Shrimad Bhagavat Katha Saptaahs – Belfast 3rd May 2009

Shrimad Bhagavat Mahapurana is the last of the 18 Puranas composed by Shri Vyasadev Ji Maharaj at the commencement of this Yuga. Having composed the previous 17, he was saddened – he had shown everyone the methods of propitiating the various demigods and other deities; he had established Dharmic rites and conventions for those situated in Tamas, Rajas and Sattva Gunas, yet he still felt that he was unable to communicate the real goal of Human life through those works.

As if arranged by the Lord Themselves, Shri Narada Muni, the Guru of Shri Nimbarkacharya Bhagavan, appeared to Shri Vyasadeva and told him that the only way to alleviate the sadness that he was experiencing was to show people the way that surpasses even Sattva – the way of devotion. Thus he composed the Shrimad Bhagavatam, a collection of the pastimes of the Supreme Lord Shri Radha Sarveshvara as well as many prayers and guidances for use by those devotees who desire to be freed from sorrows once and for all.

The United Kingdom has had many ritual festivals, but the 7 day festival of the reading of Shrimad Bhagavatam remains in the minority of festivals held. With this in mind, Shri Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj arranged for a great scholar of the Shrimad Bhagavata Mahapuran, Shri Ashok Sharma Shastri of Shri Vrindavan Dham, to come to the UK and discourse on the Shrimad Bhagavatam in the traditional Saptaah’s (7 days reading) in the various mandirs accross the United Kingdom.

The tour commenced in Bradford in April at the first anniversary celebrations; and then moved all over the country to the Gita Bhavan Mandir, Manchester; Nottingham Hindu Mandir; Newcastle Hindu Temple; Glasgow Hindu Mandir; and then with pravachans at Edinburgh Hindu Mandir; Mahalakshmi Vidya Bhavan, London; etc. It culminated in Belfast when Shri Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj returned to give his blessings to all the devotees present.

Shri Bhagavat Mahapuran Ki JAY!

Shri Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj Ki JAY!

Jay Jay Shri Radhe Shyaam!!!


  1. very well speach of bhagvat.

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