May 2006 – Middlesborough Pran Pratishtha Mahotsava

In 2006, Middlesborough Hindu Mandir had completed renovations of the altar area and had installed a new marble altar crafted from Marble from Makarana. The devotees worked hard for many years to raise the funds for the wonderful new altar, and in order for the reconsecration of the deities, the Pran Pratishtha Mahotsava was celebrated with great eclat in May of 2006.

The Pratishtha was blessed by the attendance of Shri Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj along with Swami Shri Avasheshanand Ji of Haridwar.

I must say that of all the Pratishthas that have taken place throughout the UK, for such a humble sized Mandir, the Love, Respect and Honour offered to all the Brahmanas and Gurudevs present remains UNEQUALLED throughout the whole of the UK for Mandirs before and after.

Acharya Prem Sharma Shastri, the former Pandit of the Middlesborough Hindu Temple at that time arranged things so perfectly and together with the devotee families of the Mandir, the care and attention paid to all who attended stands as an example to all Hindu organisations. It is with great love therefore that I present this page as an offerring to the Lord, to Shri Sadgurudev Ji, to the Vaishnavas, to the devotees of Middlesborough Hindu Mandir; but most importantly to the wonderful memory of Shrimati Lalita Sharma Mataji who tragically passed from this world and to the recovery of Acharya Pandit Shri Prem Sharma Ji. May Shri Radha Golokavihari Ji continue to bless his recovery and care for his children; and may the Gracious Lord continue to bless all those who have supported him in his hour of need.

please click on the thumbnail to enlarge…if that isnt large enough, then click on the image again for a full picture.

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